5 thoughts on “Little Lost Angel

  1. I love this book!!!!!I read it every year around Christmas..It is a child’s book but the story is so beautiful and haunting. A Small girl angel came down from heaven to Earth to sing with the other angels about Jesus. She accidentally fell asleep and woke up alone. She met a man walking by himself who looked so sad so she gave him her harp to make him happy…On and on she gave til she looked like a normal girl no wings, no crown,no harp.. She walked to a light she thought was Heaven but instead

  2. I love this book. It is my favorite children’s Christmas story. We read it several times each Christmas. It never fails to bring a smile to my face and peace to my heart. Little Lost Angel is one of those rare treasures that speaks to the child in everyone’s heart.

    Take time to read the other reviews on this book and you’ll be looking for a copy of your own.

    The last time i read this book was Dec.19, 2011. I realized that I had not read it yet this year and I am so glad that I remembere

  3. I have had this book since my children were babies and have read it to them over and ove and passed on reading to my grands and it is a treasured book in our home, It has been taped together so we can continue reading it, I do love it and than Janet for writing it so we can have such wonderful memories to pass on to future generations

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