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  1. Now first off, I have been to Borroloola, and have lived in indigenous inhabitant majority townships such as Katherine & Kununurra, as well as 3 years living in Darwin where I worked supplying Doctors and Allied Health Professionals to remote clinics including in Borroloola.
    I HATED this book.
    I felt nothing but irritation and contempt for the author’s apparent desire to tell the story of her husband’s family, and yet she spent more time talking about her children (living in Adelaide) and the

  2. This is an uncomfortable read for white Australians but an important one. It sets the history of John Moriarty, one of the Stolen Generation, against the comfortable upbringing of white Australians living through the same period. It also clearly articulates what is being lost in terms of the understanding of environment and country and the deep spirituality and love of family of the older generation of Aboriginal people. It provides no easy answers for the uprootedness and disintegration of Abor

  3. Aboriginal readers are advised that this review contains the names of deceased persons.

    Listening to Country, by Ros Moriarty, is a passionate call to action on behalf of Australia’s indigenous people. It was the 2012 winner of The National Year of Reading 2012 Our Story Collection, and in 2010 was shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year Award Non-Fiction Prize and for the 2010 Human Rights Commission Literature Award. The ANZ LitLovers reading group chose it for its June selection, where it seg

  4. I wonder if John Howard would ever deign to read a book such as this. Howard, despite his policies, I never would have considered to be an unfeeling man; but it was, for all his faults, Kevin Rudd who eventually uttered the SORRY word. He apologised to the indigenous minority on behalf of the non-indigenous majority for the destruction of a culture. John Howard, for all his qualities, could never bring himself to do so. Had he read this heartfelt book I am sure it would have had an impact as her

  5. It has taken me a long time to finish this book and in reality I feel this is a reflection on what has been going on in my life more than the book itself. I have huge respect for what Ros Moriarty has put down on paper and once the book returns to my shelf from a lend out I shall revisit it.

    Took a while to understand the format of three sides to each part of the story running alongside each other. Fabulous experiences. Immersion in culture and language not often available to a white person in Au

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