5 thoughts on “Lipstick & Leather (Rough and Ready, #7)

  1. Make that a 3.5 rating

    This book contains 3 HOT short cowboy reads and I really liked them all. Each of these stories had 2 HOT love scenes a piece, so if you like your stories short and HOT with yummy cowboy’s you may just enjoy these too.

  2. Cowboy Up – 2.75/C+
    I realize it is a novella but despite that, I thought it moved too fast for them to have an HEA ending.

    Rough Rider – 1.5/D+
    Heroine was a complete bitch. And spoiled. The pace was ridiculously fast. I don’t get the need to rush through it as the author did.

    Back in the Saddle – DNF. The reason for their breakup was an eye roller. I couldn’t make myself finish it.

    I would only recommend this if you are a devoted CM fan.

  3. Cowboy Up
    3.5 stars
    I’m all for short stories but this one felt rushed to me…I still liked it but I felt they moved to fast in this book.
    Not to mention had I been in Anna’s position I would have Jap slapped my “friend” for not only ditching me but leaving me with nowhere to sleep for the night.
    From personal experience because something similar did happen to me and a “friend” of mine…let’s just say I am no longer friends with said person anymore.

    Rough Rider
    3.2 stars
    Again this book moved WA

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