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  1. While this was definitely an interesting book because of the subject matter, I feel it was lacking a bit in terms of context. The focus is so heavily on Claudia Jones and her actions that it misses the broader context that prompted Claudia to identify as a feminist, a Marxist and an anti-imperialist. What was happening in the world and how did she relate to these events would have been a more interesting focus, in my opinion. The author does touch on that, but it is not made central.

  2. “Claudia Jones was a black woman and a communist, clear about her ideological orientation, as she was about her identity as a black woman writing and doing political work simultaneously.” Those are the opening words to Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones, by Carole Boyce Davies Duke University Press, $22.95. Davies objective yet passionate presentation of the life Claudia Jones, takes the reader on a journey of intimacy. Davies is clear to indicate that her wor

  3. Carole Boyce Davies delivers a stunner in Left of Karl Marx, a deft and thorough analytical treatment of the political life of Claudia Jones, “Black Woman Communist of West Indian Descent” Neither Pan-Africanism nor Black Women’s Studies can begin to do without this book, not to mention a host of other fields and constituencies. It brilliantly performs the task of resurrection made intellectually necessary when the status-quo takes such important figures away from us and then tries to erase thei

    Linda Carty

    Review of Left of Karl Marx: The Political Life of Black Communist Claudia Jones
    By Carole Boyce Davies
    Duke University Press

    During the 1940’s and ’50s, Claudia Jones, a Caribbean born poet and journalist, was a major theoretician for the Communist Party USA. As a communist, her struggle was on behalf of workers. As an anti-imperialist feminist, she communicated to her party comrades the multiple oppressions experienced by black women. As a radical black woman, she understoo

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