3 thoughts on “Learning Irish

  1. If you want to learn to speak Irish, this is the book and tapes for you. To me without the tapes it would take twice as long.
    The language is a difficult one. For many reasons. And as another reviewer stated there are so many letters in words that are silent. The pronunciations are very different from ours, for example the authors name is pronounced Meal O’Sheal. But this book is so detailed they even tell you how to place your tongue in your mouth when pronouncing sounds. I started to take note

  2. If you want to learn actual Irish as it is spoken and not the standard (which isn’t spoken -anywhere- except by non-natives), this is one of the two best books. This text teaches Irish as spoken in Cois Fharraige, in the Connemara Gaeltacht. It is very thorough and can come off as dry and academic, but is still one of the best resources for actual Irish if the learner is willing to put the time in.

    For Munster Irish, the 1961 version of Teach Yourself Irish cannot be beaten. It teaches West Cork

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