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  1. Disappointing. I was hoping for a book about a girl who was different and it was okay. However, this book went the route of the little girl being different and not okay until her hearing aids made her a lot less different. Only when she can “hear like all the other children,” is she accepted by her peers, and able to accept herself.
    I know this is the story for so many people, and I know the author based it off of her own childhood. But there are too many real stories like this, and more are nee

  2. Originally published in Belgium and Holland, this tremendously sweet book takes a straight-forward approach to the story of Laurie, a girl with hearing loss. Laurie has trouble hearing other children, so she usually plays alone. The others tease her about being deaf and refuse to play with a girl who can’t understand them. Laurie’s dog doesn’t mind that she’s different from the others. Finally one day, Laurie and her mother go to the ear doctor. He discovers she needs hearing aids, or “hearing c

  3. Laurie is a hearing-impaired girl who feels an outsider among her hearing schoolmates and who is inconvenienced by her hearing loss. An inconspicuous hearing aid helps her to fit in and make friends. This book was originally published in Belgium and Holland, and its European origins show. I wonder if a book in which a child who does not hear well does not attempt sign language or lip reading would get published here? The author is herself hearing impaired. The watercolor illustrations by Eline v

  4. Laurie is a story about a little girl who has hearing disability. This book goes through the difficulties in her daily life in school and at home. She ends up getting hearing aids and everything changes for her, she finally feels like she fits in. I think this could be a great book for children with special needs because they can easily relate to feeling different. But I personally do not like the way the author presented her special need, she makes it seem like a barrier or an obstacle and afte

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