5 thoughts on “Killer History

  1. I one-clicked this book for two reasons — it was free and 90 pct. of my reading is history or historical fiction. After reading it I have only two good things about this wretched book.

    1. It is free (but my time isn’t).
    2. It was short (but I still had to struggle to get through it.

    To me it’s amazing that the writer obtained a degree from the University of Iowa. His lack of grammar skills and punctuation ability is absolutely atrocious to the point that sometimes the book is almost impossible to

  2. Why can’t liberal academic demagogues shake it?

    I think they call it “false consensus effect”, through amongst academics that description may faulted, given their overall delusional leanings.

    Cleverly written, if you can stomach the slant, however. One passage claimed Hillary to be the only “viable” female presidential candidate in history. Nauseating, but humorous, given the source.

  3. Because nobody seems to know what is the truth.

    This is an interesting book and I like the way the author calls out Wikipedia on their mistakes but I believe there are things missing and mistakes in this book as well.

  4. Short but entertaining

    This is a really great to educate yourself on what really was behind the headlines. I recommend and will be doing a search to see what else this author has to read.

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