5 thoughts on “Kidnapped (The Infinitum Government, #1)

  1. This book took me in a new direction, with a relatively new author. I have only read one book by this author (Treasure) and I was just barely able to finish it. Reading this book was a huge leap of faith, and I’m glad I took that leap.

    I have read countless other Sci-Fi books and watched hours and hours of sci-fi shows. Honestly, and I don’t say this lightly, Kidnapped was on par with some of the great sci-fi novels I’ve read. Traditionally m/m romance are incredibly formulaic, full of instant l

  2. I enjoyed this book but the blurb that actually made me buy the book in the first place is pretty irrelevant as the characters mentioned in it are only a fairly minor part of the whole story. Really the blurb should have centered on Cyan and Einn whose story this book is mostly about and it makes me wonder now I’ve finished the book whether the blurb writer actually read the story or just the first chapter. And, this is why I didn’t really enjoy the story as much as I should have. I was introduc

  3. CAUTION: Long Review, Spoilers

    Kidnapped is the first book in the Infinitum Government duology by the talented writer Megan Derr. (The “third” book Jewels of Bangkok is a spin-off, set in the same universe but in a different timeline and doesn’t relate to the main story.) The story’s main conflict is for our heroes to save the Draconis race, a derivative of the Save the World trope. However, Kidnapped ended with a HFN and doesn’t conclusively resolve the “save the Draconis” issue till the 2nd boo

  4. Note: The blurb is pretty inaccurate and irrelevant to the greater (and true) plot.

    As per Megan Derr’s style, this was a lovely novel– fun and enjoyable to read. The world building was intriguing, with an imaginative cast of various races laid out for us and an interesting world was set up with the human run Infinitum Government as the ruling power. Although I did point out the inaccurate blurb, I actually had no problem — I enjoyed, in fact — the various romantic plot lines of different cou

  5. What I liked: the world-building was amazing! People from each planet are unique, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Each planet has their own sayings and unique words. And the scenes where the universal translator doesn’t work for one word cracked me up.

    What I didn’t like: I really wanted to love these books, and the world-building was amazing enough that I could have. But what makes me fall in love with books are the characters, and we never got to know any one of them well enough for

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