4 thoughts on “Kettlebells for Dummies

  1. i bought this book in the kindle format, i hope that wasn’t a mistake. i am getting into my kindle, but not sure if it was wise to get an exercise book. the book is well written, and seems to have a lot of information about kettlebell exercises which i have been doing with dvds, but thought it might be nice when i dont have the dvd on to do some exercises from a book.

  2. Wanna pack a lot of punch into a full body workout? Check out Kettlebells for Dummies. Fully illustrated with great advise for mastering technique and form. Serious calorie burning exercises included here. These routines will help you keep your body in shape and your muscles tight!
    -Colleen G.-

  3. Un libro absolutamente excelente, mejor incluso que los originales de Pavel Tsatsouline, para iniciarse en el maneja de las pesas rusas. Si te interesa aprender a manejarlas, compra este libro, sigue sus consejos para elegir la pesa adecuada, y no vuelvas a apuntarte a un gimnasio nunca.

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