4 thoughts on “Kembara Ke Angkasa

  1. I grabbed this after reading ‘How I Became An Astronaut’.
    HIBAA was relatively thinner but still a good book nonetheless. Journey To Space shares more detail with diary-like entries. Getting to know more about his training in Russia, I think this book is more satisfying. A number of information I’m hearing for the first time such as the death of his late brother, a news that was kept from the author until he returned to earth. I’m anxious to know more about his life after space. Hopefully, there

  2. Well this maybe a little bit ‘senget’ of me but I meant no harm. A friend of mine just lost his father. I hope he will recover soon with a book I bought for him: Journey to Space: A Memoir of Malaysia’s First Angkasawan. Dr. Sheikh wrote it in positive tone and upbeat mood which make one feel excited to read.

    I complete the book in one day (because of its fantasticity and the other part because I have to rush – handed the book to the recipient). One fact about the outerspace that really ping me t

  3. Catatan yang amat menarik dan membangkitkan semangat supaya sentiasa positif dengan keupayaan diri sendiri.

    Beliau sememangnya layak dipilih sebagai angkasawan pertama negara walau pun ada yang mengatakan bahawa beliau hanya sebagai pelancong ke angkasa. Namun beliau telah melepasi pelbagai lapisan ujian untuk membolehkan beliau ke sana.

    Mungkin kita tak punya kelayakan, keupayaan seperti beliau, tapi kita boleh melatih diri untuk lebih positif dengan kehidupan. Itu yang saya belajar.

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