5 thoughts on “Just Like Mom

  1. *Review in English and Spanish*

    Another book in the Eric and Julieta series. Starting to see a trend in plot where Eric complains about his younger sister Julieta and pretends to care about her. Then he gets his sister in trouble at the end of the story. His mom gets angry at them and Eric denies doing anything wrong.

    Is this the kind of lesson I want to teach my children or students? Not really. But the illustrations are still fun and Julieta seems like a nice character. Too bad her brother is a

  2. This is an extraordinary book to read aloud, and it is a great asset for a classroom that. has ELL students who speak Spanish. This extremely cute story is about a brother who constantly tries to get his little sister I’m trouble, but their mother knows that he is behind the mischief. Using this book as a mini- lesson in the beginning of the school year can be a great think aloud when wanting to get your students to share some of their experiences with their family members in a possible writer’s

  3. I like the way this book was both in Spanish and English. The story was very typical for siblings and its one that no matter what your culture is, you can identify with. Books like these can really help bridge the gap between our Spanish speaking kids and our English speaking kids.

  4. My daughter got this book from my in laws. It’s an okay book, but I feel that parts of the story our missing. It jumps from one scene to the next without any connectors to flow it through. This book was originally written in Spanish, so perhaps the Spanish version flows better and makes a little more sense.

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