5 thoughts on “Journey to Nowhere (Remembrance "Mem" Nye #1)

  1. Remembrance Nye, nicknamed Mem, leaves her beloved grandmother and her home in Connecticut and travels with her parents and brother to upstate New York. Mem quickly learns that life in the wilderness is harder than he had ever imagined. As they travel her mother becomes more distant and sad. When the family arrives at their tract of land, Mem discovers the challenges have just begun. Mem hopes to become a teacher but the demands of homesteading keep her away from school. The few times she is abl

  2. In the spring of 1815, Remembrance Nye, her parents, and her little brother, Joshua, leave the only home they have ever known in Connecticut. Mem’s father has decided that the land in upper state New York will offer the family richer opportunities. To Mem and her mother, it is a journey to endless forest, no family, and no neighbors. One morning, just after they set off for the day, Mem falls out of the back of the wagon. The thunder and lightning of the morning’s storm keeps her parents from re

  3. Another fun historical fiction with a feisty girl heroine. Exemplifies why I like h.f.–I learned a lot about the time and place. And that was especially enjoyable this time around, because it crossed paths with the family history I’m doing right now. I could put my ancestors into this story. Fun!
    The family is interesting. Realistic, in that they argue, have differences, deal with stress. Heroine too–she’s upfront about her imperfections. However, I felt like there was maybe too much emphasis o

  4. It was really cute and I was constantly trying to guess as to what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to finish the series when I can find the other books to buy.

    I gave this book four out of five stars only because it was a little slow in some places and I found some of it rushed towards the second half. But I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

    I can honestly say the character development was truly wonderful and I loved to see how each character changed throughout the boo

  5. I quickly read this book, pre-reading it for my youngest sisters. It was interesting, and provided a realistic view of the life and times of pioneers. But it lacked a lot and I wouldn’t recommend it, especially compared to the others I have read. I found it hard to really like the characters. Perhaps the second book is much better.

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