5 thoughts on “Jackrabbit Junction Jitters (Jackrabbit Junction, #2)

  1. I loved this book. I love Ann Charles. I love the Deadwood series and the Jackrabbit Junction stories. There were only two problems I had with this book. First, the minor one, is that it took Claire and Joe til almost midway in the book to have a little satisfying interlude moments. And the bigger problem, this book ended.

    I love the whole cast of zany characters. Claire’s sister was fun from the moment we meet her and I’m sure all readers will be just as annoyed by “mom” Deborah as I was. This

  2. Although Arizona has never been my home state, it is one of my favorite states to visit and the setting for Jackrabbit Junction Jitters the second book of this series. Claire is back and knee deep in a new mystery with the break-in, her Grandpa’s upcoming wedding to Ruby and her acidic mother arriving to stir everyone up until her misery is spread to one and all.

    Claire finds a stick figure and sandal she is sure is an artifact, plus a human hand in Joe’s hidden safe. She finds a poem about treas

  3. This 2nd book in the Jackrabbit Junction series is firing on all cylinders and expands the cast of characters. We have the same fun crowd as before with Claire, Harley and his besties (my favorite is Manny), Ruby, her daughter Jess, and Mac. Add to the mix Claire’s mother Deborah, her younger sister Kate and the very hot bar owner Butch, and things in the Junction just got jittery.

    They mystery is less mysterious this time around, but that’s only because it relies again on the misdeeds of Ruby’s

  4. Every one of her books is better than the last. I love the unforced humor, romance and the twists and turns. Keep them coming, Ann! I am saving the 5th star for your next book, because I know I will love it too. Can’t wait to meet Ronnie,lol!

  5. Rv parks can be fun

    This story keeps you guessing from start to finish. Claire manages to get into more trouble in a few days than most people have in their whole lives. A Rv part in arizona that somehow seems to cater to the older crowd brings together a diverse group of people. We have a mom and a teenage daughter that own the Rv park, the geriatric bunch, a granddaughter and when Harley and Ruby get together the rest of their families just seem to come along. Claire manages to fall for Ruby’s

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