5 thoughts on “Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams

  1. Could be any major city.

    Our book group chose this as the author lives in Dubai and is attending the up-coming Literary Festival. We had hoped for an interesting read with a lot of local flavour and, according to the cover, plenty of humour. All ten of us were disappointed for varying reasons, suffice to say, my 3 star rating was the most generous of the group.

    From past experience, financial advisors are a slippery crowd, we have yet to find one that actually makes more money for us than himself

  2. Well , I usually refrain from reading books related to finance even though they belong to fiction . But somehow , I wanted to read this book and I am glad I did .Although this book has India and the queue breaking India junta, it is based in Dubai. The book does not overwhelm you with financial jargon and tells the story in a simple,light hearted way . I particularly enjoyed the humor in the book .

    But I would have preferred to have known how Jack rebuilt his life after he was handed the pink sli

  3. Jaikishan Patel belongs to a traditional Gujarati family but follows his passion, stepping into the glamorous, jet-setting world of investment and private banking. Jai is soon transformed into Dubai-based ‘Jack’ Patel, a hugely successful financial advisor in an American brokerage house. His life seems like a dream come true. He cracks a whopping million- dollar revenue target, receives an indecent proposal from a client’s wife and even manages to keep up with the latest Bollywood item numbers t

  4. The story is very simple yet becomes boring after the first 50 pages. It feels more like a newspaper article rather than a novel. Sometimes you sense that events and places are imposed; either to market the book as an in-Dubai novel or by to unintentionally emphasize the context more than the plot. It is not a literary read, in my humble opinion.

  5. I bought Bhaskar’s ‘Corporate Carnival’ (the sequel to this book) a while back and was kind of slow in reading it. I think now the main reason was I hadn’t yet read the first book. This one. So I picked this one up first and began reading. I must say I was hooked to the story from the word ‘go’. Though I’m not so good with number crunching and the financial world, the story managed to keep me on the edge. It’s a breezy read that gets over before you can say ‘Ponzi’. 😛

    Especially amazing is the w

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