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  1. I think this cover is for the original 1996 version, but I read the 2012 reissue – which, annoyingly, has no indication of what pieces are new. My instinct is that the book was better left as a historical document, because so much of it, especially the short prose pieces by Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair, has since been expanded into parts of much bigger works, and the best bit of all – Moore’s From Hell epilogue ‘I Keep Coming Back’ – is available elsewhere in its entirety. And yet…the collecti

  2. I was only aware of Oscar Zárate through his 1991 collaboration with Alan Moore, A Small Killing, which I had read sometime in the mid-90s. When I saw It’s Dark in London on the secondhand bookshelf the other night, I scooped it up out of curiosity, and was surprised to see separate unread stories from Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, and Dave McKean. Good enough for me.

    The first real drawback is that nearly every story in this slim black & white volume goes all out to prove its membership in the av

  3. A collection of brooding, disturbing graphic and narrative fictions about London’s seamy underbelly.

    Call it a guided tour of places you’ve always wanted to see, accompanied by stories about things you wish you didn’t. The title pretty much says it all here: the black and white art, coupled with the unnerving adventures of Not Very Nice People, will send ripples of unease down your spine, even as you enjoy the hell out of it. The table of contents reads like a list of rock stars, including Neil G

  4. Ho ordinato questo volume con un anno di anticipo, contiene storie brevi a fumetti e ancor più brevi racconti in prosa di alcuni autori veramente noti, il comune denominatore, ovviamente, è la città di Londra.

    Lo ho acquistato e letto il prima possibile, ma non posso dire che valesse 12 mesi di attesa.

    I racconti trasudano pece da tutti i pori e sono davvero nerissimi, ma considerando le altre opere degli autori qui coinvolti posso solo dire che si tratti di una raccolta che risulta “ok”, nulla d

  5. para mi sorpresa, me gustó más el relato de Gaiman que el de Moore, y aunque todas las historias e historietas experimentales que contiene esta antología me parecieron de muy buenas para arriba, el conjunto general me dejaron un poquito insatisfecho. En una de esas, después explico porquéses y todo.

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