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  1. Even for the standards of 1987 comic book scripting, we can consider this writing to be severely stilted and hackneyed. This really has nothing to do with the upcoming ‘Armor Wars’ arc, but is instead a series of single issues without much of a connecting thread. Or even a plot for that matter. Terrible dialogue, terrible scripts. No one wants to see Iron Man fight a bunch of tanks and jets for three issues. If he’s fighting against AIM, you better have one hell of an imagination to cook up some

  2. While not the best Iron Man comic I’ve read I have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. It could be a little corny at times (many times) but seeing Iron Man stop a health fanatic from destroying a Burger King in one issue and reluctantly retrieve a little girl’s kitten from the top of a tree in another was actually a refreshing break from the more recent Marvel comics that in which nearly every character has horrible, depressing personal issues and on top of them must deal with events of nearly apoc

  3. This volume collect issues #215–224, which serve as the prologue to the Armor Wars saga. Plotted by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, and scripted by the former, the issues are, for the most part, pencilled by Mark Bright and inked by Layton (who does all the art chores on the those issues where Bright is not pencilling).

    As the story opens, Tony Stark is rebuilding his reputation and working on his new company Stark Enterprises, while being Iron Man in the red and white armour (with Jim Rhodes

  4. Fun collection of Iron Man stories. Although the book purports to be a prelude to Armor Wars (considered one of the best Iron Man stories) the stories really don’t have much of a link to Armor Wars, and certainly not enough that this book is required reading to enjoy Armor Wars.

    As for the stories themselves, there are 8 issues reprinted in this volume, covering 4 different story-lines. The first story involves Iron Man going up against A.I.M. (a group of mad scientists that have been a thorn in

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