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  1. Well thankfully that is over. What a poorly written, mean spirited waste of paper and ink this was. Mercifully I bought this book second hand, so none of my $3 went to this bloke who seemed to have a basic understanding of words, and yet still was unable to get them in the right order. A more accurate book title would have been ‘Ostensibly about the White House but just wait until the middle of the book when I bash Clinton using 7 times as many words as was necessary. Did we so many 3 chapters o

  2. An entertaining read despite being two decades old now! The only issue with it being old is that dollar amounts are given, and precise procedures disclosed which would be out of date. For instance, at the time of authorship (94) operating the White House was a $billion+ endeavor.

    The true value of the book is in gaining color on recent history. LBJ was a megalomaniac. Nixon was mentally ill and not even running the office at points in his presidency. Ford was down to Earth – maybe too much. Clin

  3. What does the other face look like when you see modern presidents behind closed doors? From Kennedy through the first two years of Clinton, this book is an excellent means of finding out. This was my first Kessler book. One should not expect thorough accounts, not the elaborate detail Caro devoted to LBJ, but I don’t think that was ever the point. I approached it like a written documentary and thus came away very satisfied. I failed to give it 5 stars only because it’s not the type of book I am

  4. I started out enjoying this book, a peek through the keyhole at Presidents from Nixon to Clinton, but it bogs down about 3/4 of the way through. Frankly, none of the Presidents come away unscathed, as far as their personalities are concerned. Some are mean to the “little people” who serve them. Some surround themselves with buffoons and/or crooks. Not exactly an awe-inspiring character study of our heads of state. The book lost me when the narration began whining about the big change in the Whit

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