5 thoughts on “Inside the Titanic

  1. On Wednesday, the tenth of April, 1912 the Titanic left the Port of Southampton on the southern coast of England. Titanic, sister ship to the Olympic was the newest, largest, and most luxury liner of the White Star Line. Many stories have been written about the passengers that braved this voyage and lost their lives to a watery grave. The rich and poor were made equal on this fateful night and the sinking, rescue, and legacy of the Titanic have continued to interest people more than a hundred ye

  2. Me and my Titanic books. As a child, I used to check out LOTS of Titanic books, but never actually read them, So now, as an adult, I’m starting to go through my collection and read them. I thought this book was very cute, in the fact that it was a cut-away book. I thought it was a good was to show children the inside of the Titanic. Unfortunately, after spending the past few days reading Titanic books, I have begun to notice all Titanic books for children tend to show the same pictures, I can un

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