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  1. Loy Machedo’s Book Review – Inside Rupert’s Brain by Paul R. La Monica

    I have always had a fascination to know and get into the minds, thoughts and hearts of the great legends of our times. So when my eyes bumped across a book that had the title “What’s Inside Rupert’s Brain?”, you can guess as much that I would purchase it.

    The book clearly states that it is not a book written or authorized by Rupert Murdoch rather it is a book ‘about’ him – written by a careful & competent eyes of the Edito

  2. A book which focuses on the business side of Rupert Murdoch. The book is mainly based on the business dealings of Rupert Murdoch. The author tries to give the reader an insight into what goes on inside Murdoch’s brain by enlisting his business achievements and failures. A good book to get an insight into the media mogul’s empire. Have to say that the book is pretty unbiased. After a long time have read a book, a sort of a biography, which doesn’t try to hero worship or criticize the protagonist.

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