5 thoughts on “Ini Dia si Paling Badung (The Naughtiest Girl, #4)

  1. I listened to this as an audio book. Here’s the Naughtiest Girl was the last book in the series written by Enid Blyton. Although this is a naughtiest girl book, the book is centred on the new boy Patrick who is Julian’s cousin. Patrick is a spiteful boy who thinks he is better then Julian. He is jealous of Julian who is always top of the class and good at tennis.

    They both compete with each other to see who will be top of the class but Patrick cannot keep up.

    When the rest of the class send him to

  2. Buku terakhir sekaligus yang paling tipis dari Serial Elizabeth Allen a.k.a Si Badung. Dalam buku ini diceritakan tentang konflik Elizabeth ALlen dan Julian (who turns out to be the best student in class) dengan Patrick, sepupu Julian. Patrick selalu ingin mengalahkan Julian dan Elizabeth, serta iri jika mereka menempati posisi diatasnya.
    Berbeda dari 3 buku sebelumnya, buku ini tidak lagi menceritakan pelaksanaan Rapat besar. Bahkan sosok ketua murid William dan Rita tidak muncul. Sesuatu yang b

  3. Another fun story, about Elizabeth Allen and her naughty school days. We have our fair share of Julian, Joan and Arabella, as well as the other characters from Enid’s other books here. It also introduces Patrick, Julian’s cousin. As always there are complaints and grumbles, meetings and delicious dinners. Seriously never read Enid on an empty stomach, you start craving the weirdest things!

    I realized I haven’t reviewed this and the following books in this series that was continued on by Anne Digb

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