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  1. In the Wake of the Wake, an anthology of and investigation into the possibilities of fictioning which were opened up by James Joyce’s masterpiece, Finnegans Wake, has led me to reevaluate the story I like to tell myself about the writing of novels and fiction in the 20th century. Under the tutelage of John Barth’s Literature of Exhaustion/ Literature of Replenishment story, I had understood something about the possibilities of noveling having been exhausted by the likes of Joyce and Samuel Becke

  2. David Hayman’s introductory essay is a nicens little compact explanifesto all about this bookstuff we deem “post-Wake”, and if the rest of this comelypylation does nothung else (but it does, evermuch else!) it will give you raremost glimpses into Zettel’s Traum (tho kindalika .00055 sec. teaser for a 7-hr. Bélatarrflic) and it’ll light a match under your arse to quickasyoucan get to reeding and tuning the pages of that watery-flora Brooke-Rose, née Christine. Some of us GRers will be rearriving

  3. Second time reading this through, I think this is one of the most important collections of “experimental writing” of the last 30 years–includes interviews & critical commentary on a lot of significantly under-recogized heavy hitters in addition to examples of work. Maurice Roche, Philippe Sollers, Christine Brooke-Rose, the Brazilian concrete poets, Arno Schmidt; a veritable who’s-who of the under-recognized European Avant-Garde. I still can’t really deal with William Gass though; the excer

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