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  1. Three years ago Violet Lierly was on a covert mission in the Balkan Republic. She was tortured and left for dead; her body was never found. Only one member of her team survived. This left Simon Brandauer, the man in charge of the assignment, guilt-ridden.

    Fast forward to the present time and someone by the name of Claire de Beaupre has surfaced in Ontario; she writes fiction that have story-lines that resemble what happened overseas. It is brought to Simon’s attention and he takes it upon himsel

  2. Those who love their romance-thrillers with SEALs, Marines and other covert ops heroes have to read Jeanie London’s about an Agency Director, Simon Brandauer, his anguish over losing one of his agents, Violet, and his mission to recover her. For though Violet is alive, the woman she used to be is lost and in helping her recover her identity, Simon recovers himself as well.

    Without verbosity, London is able to show how deeply Simon loves Violet and how he suppressed his feelings for her over the y

  3. I love a good contemporary spy-military-action packed romance. This hit the spot for that perfectly. What made this novel unique and gosh darn good was seeing the hero working so hard for the heroine’s love. For all the ladies out there who have experienced unrequited loved, here is a novel where the hero finally returns those feelings and then some. Perfect groveling.

  4. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Fab. book. I couldn’t put it down once I started. It’s about a secret government agency. 3 years before the books picks up, a team in the Balkans was lost…the members captured and tortured. Only 1 person escaped and the bodies of the rest, except for one, were recovered. For 3 years, the guy who runs the agency has struggled with the team being lost, and the woman whose body was never recovered. He had feelings for her, but never allowed them to surface. Then suddenly, he reads a short story b

  5. Oh my! I love this book. It’s the perfect blend of romance (some of it pretty steamy!), mystery, danger, and international intrigue. Jeanie London’s scenes are vivid and thorough — you can feel the cold as characters trudge through the snow or sense the danger as guns are drawn. She’s created a unique premise and develops it wonderfully. Definitely worth the read! If you like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the other two Larssen books, you should put In the Cold next on your list of books t

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