5 thoughts on “Implementing Lean Software Development

  1. Em geral é um livro muito bom. Alguns capítulos são bastante esclarecedores, como o que fala sobre desperdício (melhor de todos) e sobre velocidade. Contudo, alguns capítulos abordaram assuntos de maneira muito superficial, dificultando a aplicação de alguns conceitos. Talvez esteja mais detalhado no livro anterior dos mesmos autores. Vou partir para a leitura dele agora.

  2. I’ve read Poppendieck book’s before and followed their teachings for some time already. This book had slipped my radar for some reason and I’m actually glad it had. It was really nice to go through thoughts from basics of Lean and Agile software development, without still wasting many pages on those. This book excellently reminds on the basics, but still give valuable information for the more experienced ones.

    Book is full of excellent examples starting from the 70’s and 80’s, but coming back to

  3. This is a book I wish everyone in my company would read–project managers, business analysts, QA engineers, developers, janitors, etc. It’s an excellent primer to lean and agile thinking, and I think the “Try This” sections at the end of each chapter would be great exercises for getting our company to think about process improvement.

    The book did get repetitive, though, and it seemed a little excessive in its praise of Toyota. And for a book with such an emphasis on quality assurance, I was mildl

  4. This is the missing link to anyone doing Agile software development. I have been using Agile successfully for years but, as with any process, there is always room to improve. Beyond the basic framework that an Agile process provides, many of the challenges that arise are specific to the the organization or the customer. While Agile processes provide the mechanism to address these issues (e.g. retrospectives), they don’t offer as much as they could when it comes to specific techniques. Thus, find

  5. I have read Russian version of this book and frankly speaking the translation is awful. The book has been translated unprofessionaly and consists of grammatical errors, typos and “hard-to-read-and-understand-sentences”. It took me 2-3 times to reread paragraphs in order to understand the meaning of Russian words. Overall, the book’s content is good. I have already read Lean Startup by Eric Ries, hence I understand ideas behind lean approach especially for software development and MVP development

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