5 thoughts on “If These Walls Could Talk

  1. This book will only appeal to you if you’re a University of Michigan football fan. In that case, you’ll find the stories in it fun and interesting. The overall themes (Equipment managers are a vital part of any football team, Jon Falk was a great equipment manager, Falk was a go-between between the players and the coaches, Falk loves Michigan football, Falk was beloved by all) are repeated many times, and get a little repetitive by the end. The inside stories about the coaches, players, and game

  2. This is a University of Michigan football feel good book. Without doubt, Jon Falk with over 35 years of up-close experience with many coaches and players was among the best qualified to write it. The book is a tribute in many ways to Falk himself as he shares so many stories of UM football and receives accolades from so many former coaches and players. Falk has retired from his equipment manager position for the UM football program. This book was a fitting tribute to his work there. If you like

  3. It’s a nice behind the scenes look at Michigan football from their longtime equipment manager Jon Falk. He has some great insights on the coaches he’s worked for there, starting with coaching legend Bo Schembechler (it was Bo that hired him in 1974) all the way to recently released Rich Rodriguez. It’s not a pretty job, but it is an integral one and with this book you get a really good idea of what it entails. I enjoyed the look back, even if some of the facts on where games took place were a li

  4. I think it was a really good book. I like how it talked a lot about Bo because he is one of the most notable figures in Michigan Football history. It had very good details on how the program worked, and told me a lot of things that i never knew went on in college football programs.

  5. Tells about the stories of Michigan football and the games inside the historic stadium the Big House. Jon Falk was one of the best at his job at Michigan. Worked for the team for along time and is one of the best.

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