5 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Disappointing! From a book called ‘identity’ one would expect some substance, some philosophic reasoning. The author seems to have too little life experience (like real suffering) to touch layers deeper than mere superficial ones. Throughout the whole book the focus seems to be on wishful thinking. Quotes like: “I believe that much of the wisdom we need for life and for our journey should be found in the House of God” (page 148) or “If you aren’t enjoying your journey, ask yourself why. If your

  2. Although I would’ve liked more specific information on discovering my own identity, I did appreciate what the book had to say on the importance of identity. There is some instruction on preventing others from hijacking your identity, but I expected more info on how to understand what that was in the first place.

  3. Challenged me to find out who I really am – to be 100% me. It is a journey to explore your identity, and find companions that encourage you be all that God has created you to be!

  4. Relatable thought provoking look into why we are who we are. A challenge to be who God’s plans say we can be, not be limited by who society says we are 🙂

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