5 thoughts on “I May Frustrate You, But I’m a Keeper

  1. It took me 3 months to work through this book. It is a blessing. It is a gift.

    I will never be able to keep all the temperaments straight in my mind, but in working through (& reworking through) the content, I was able to condense it all down to some daily, actionable steps that make a ton of sense.

    I give this book my highest recommendation for anyone seeking to succeed at parenting!

  2. This book was absolutely fabulous. It helped me so much in understanding my children, and my entire family. It helped me to understand my difficult children, and be able to relate to why they may be so upset over things that I think are no big deal. My parenting has more kindness, understanding and compassion. Any book that can help in those areas is a keeper to me!

  3. Awesome book!! Excellent info for parents raising kids or anyone who wants to understand different temperments better and work within their strengths as well as your own.

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