4 thoughts on “How We Almost Gave the Tories the Boot

  1. Easy-to-read synopsis of the NDP-Liberal-Bloc coalition that went sour in 2008. As one of the participants, Topp has a first-person perspective of the events based on his own notes and well-recorded recollections.

    Unfortunately the book suffers from the myopia of being written from the NDP perspective, therefore only giving one side of the story. While I’m aware of the history of coalition governments in Canada, Topp relies on that historical record as proof that the coalition plan should have wo

  2. Cards on the table right away: I’m a member of the NDP and I wholeheartedly support the use of coalition to make more representative governments.

    That out of the way, this is a compelling book. If you are interested in Canadian politics (& definitely avoid this if you are not), this book gives you process and behind the scenes wrangling, as well as deft insights into the political landscape of Canada in 2008. I came out of this book with an increased respect for Jean Cretien & Stephane D

  3. Interesting content, but I wasn’t really a fan of the verbatim copied emails and texts. Just the gist would have been cool. Reading recent history is fun, and remembering Dion’s friggin’ hostage video was pretty priceless, even if that did lead to the collapse of the coalition and to the current state of events, which I don’t even want to talk about. Started reading this the last week of campaign, during the Orange Crush surge in polls, and it was really interesting to compare the NDP’s fortunes

  4. This book was recommended to me because I was confused about the prospect of a coalition government in Canada. I was not really sure what they were all about, how they can be formed and what one would mean for Canada. The book is told from one persons perspective, and while very informative, I would love to read similar books alternate points of view. This book was a very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Canadian politics.

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