0 thoughts on “How to Raise a Brighter Child

  1. This book is very helpful. It helped me understand how/what things are in a child’s point of view. I realized “a child at play is a child at work” and the only way for you to get their full attention is “work” with them. The has all the information I needed how to raise my kid to be a brighter and better child without spending too much money. Overall, this book is all-time relevant and very practical.

  2. Liked: Ideas for educational games at each age level.
    Did not like: There was nothing groundbreaking as far as explanation of cognitive development. “Your child can and must learn a lot before they enter grade school” Really?? Thanks.

  3. I read this book 19 years ago, and I have to say I think it helped in my child rearing. My son just turned 19, is a pre-med junior in college and plans to be, of all things, a neuro-surgeon! I would say that this book influenced me to constantly provide challenges for him and to never underestimate his potential. I think this should hold true for every child. It’s our job to provide opportunities for them to learn and grow in whatever areas they show interest in! Great book!

  4. Very insightful, even though this book is about a decade old it still gave honest and practical advice on positive parenting. I really enjoyed it and will keep it as a reference book.

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