5 thoughts on “How to Keep a Naturalist’s Notebook

  1. Are you a backyard birdwatcher curious about the lives and habits of your feathered friends? A hiker who wonders about the world you ramble through? An artist or writer seeking to learn more about nature?

    If you answered yes to any of those questions, Susan Leigh Tomlinson’s book is for you. This thoughtful and elegantly written guide shows you to how to dip beneath the surface of the natural world through keeping an illustrated field journal. We journal about our lives, why the other species ar

  2. A nice read with a lot of illustrations to show how exercises can progress. Good information and a primer on techniques ~ I’m looking forward to trying out the practices to see if I can finally start to sketch well enough to maintain a journal while doing naturalist things / volunteering in the parks.

  3. Now this is what I’m talking about: you want to learn to keep a nature journal? — here’s the book for you. Lots of can-do attitude, but also the specifics of how to go from zero drawing experience to being a competent field naturalist. Lots of exercises (and I mean lots and lots, I’m still working my way through them.) Lots of examples of notebook pages from her students who are not professionals (not even aspiring professionals). If you wonder how you can learn about the nature around you, thi

  4. If only I had more time.. started and stopped, as I realized this is not the book for a busy city boy. A country cottage and retirement might be the ticket to picking this book up again… it is after all a manual for observing nature and keeping a notebook of your observations. Good stuff.

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