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    A thorough and sobering look at the business of museums and galleries and what it is really like working in this field. The art world sometimes feels like a confusing place, and it’s hard to plan a career because nobody seems to have followed the same route to where they are, erroneously leading one to think that everything depends on luck. So it’s refreshing to read a practical study, with interviews and case studies from people in the field.

    The only negative point is tha

  2. This is a good book for high schoolers or first/second year college students who are interested in working at a museum. It breaks down and explains the different kinds of jobs that you can have at an institution. It also covers the basics of how to get your foot in the door, writing CVs, and interviewing.

    I especially enjoyed reading the interviews with people in various roles at a number of different institutions. They discussed day to day activities, how they got their positions, what they do a

  3. Already working in a gallery, I’m not the target audience for this book, but I was curious nonetheless and it may always be worth it to pick up some ideas, should I want to move on at a certain moment.

    This book however, seems to be aimed at the 16-year old who just went on a school trip to a museum and decides that he/she wants to work there, without actually knowing anything about the field as a whole. Everyone with a professional interest in the museum and gallery field, will know what a cura

  4. I was a little skeptical about this book at the beginning because it lists as one of the reasons for working in a museum: “A job that other people find fascinating” and “Working in a pleasant place” which I found quite unnecesary, but after getting through that it turned out to be incredibly useful since it gives you so many tips that I would have never thought of. It mainly focuses on museums in the UK but you could adapt certain things to the specific country you live in, maybe a bit more inte

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