2 thoughts on “How to Drink Like a Mad Man

  1. HOW TO DRINK LIKE A MAD MAN, newly republished by Dover Publications, is a very funny slam against those men, and some women, who populated the offices of Madison Avenue in the 1960s. Originally titled “The 24-Hour Drink Book: An Executive Guide to Survival,” this instruction manual will get the well intentioned drinker through the day without getting fired.
    The potshots aim at making sure the “Working Lush” gets all the way from 9:00 A.M. to 11:20 when the first belt has to be administered, an

  2. This seems like a training manual for alcoholics, although interesting as a period piece–it was written in 1962. If Dover Publishers were really interested in cashing in on the whole Mad Men craze, they might have found another, more interesting to book to republish than this, although this one was probably in the public domain. One book from this era that comes to mind is From the Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor and has recently been republished with artwork to tie it to Mad Men. See my blog p

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