5 thoughts on “Holly in Love (Wildfire, #48)

  1. Holly hates the cold. She feels more mature than all of the other boys in school. And she thinks it a crime to be interested in a boy one year younger than her.

    Oh yeah, and she wants an Atari game.

    I wanted to like the sweetness and charm of HOLLY IN LOVE, but it just felt SO young and SO dated.

    The majority of this book, honestly, was Holly complaining that the guy she liked was OH SO YOUNG. I think he was, what, one year younger? If that?

    I get that this is an older book that was repackaged — al

  2. I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Holly hates the cold. She loves to daydream, especially about warm weather. She really wants to find herself a boyfriend but doesn’t like the cold or winter sports which excludes almost all of the boys at her school. Jamie is a junior and loves to joke around with Holly and Holly starts to feel herself falling for him but she can’t get over the “age” difference. Her school friends are really strict about junior and se

  3. This was truly geared for teens and not for adults. This was a lot of teen interaction in her head. Not always a good thing but at times very amusing. I believe this author was trying to present a wholesome story and she did, yet to me there was a lot of endless babbling. (Yet, when you listen you my daughter and her friends this is what I hear. So on the mark.) That this story could have done without like how many times can you say you don’t like winter? What was funny, about the time I was re

  4. I couldn’t finish this one. It was too immature. I was sick of reading the “he’s too young” blah blah blah over and over and over again.

    I won’t be finishing it, rating it or reviewing it. I was hoping for a fun flashback novel, since this one was originally written in 1983, you know, when I was FOUR… but unfortunately it just wasn’t for me.

  5. Another book that I read simply for some Holiday cheer. And while it didn’t really contain much substance, I really enjoyed its simplicity. I particularly liked that the main character was a miniatures hobbyist. It made me wish I had an obsessive hobby.

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