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  1. This is a wonderful read of redemption, love, and exciting action, both in and out of the bedroom. The driving force of Hero of My Heart is the struggle both characters feel within themselves and each other.

    When Alasdair Thornham, Marquess of Datchworth, sees a drugged woman being sold in a tavern, his chivalrous nature sprung out amidst his half-awake state. He bought Mary, but acted like a guardian. And once he learns Mary is a proper miss, he does the honorable and marries to save her repu

  2. In the beginning, there was……

    Love, for the description and book cover!
    Hope, that this would be an awesome choice!
    Faith, you can never lose with reading a historical romance book!

    In the middle, it developed to…..

    And in the end…..

    In short: I find this book to be a desperate attempt to include a little bit of everything that is trendy nowadays! With a little bit of emotion mixing with the hero’s turmoil and self-pity (boohoo, I am to blame for everything!! ~> rolleyes 1st), adding a t

  3. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This is a very nice plot poorly executed. I won’t rehash the plot; the blurb sets things up. And I know this is HR and we suspend disbelief, but this author tested my powers of suspension. Alasdair is an opium addict, as a result of his war wounds and (apparently) an unscrupulous doctor in cahoots with Alasdair’s cousin. He rescues Mary, and she wants to help rescue him. I’m no expert, but Alasdair’s recovery from addiction seems astonishingly fast and fairly pain-free. After a couple of feveris

  4. Mary Smith is tossed up on the auction block by her debt-ridden step brother and sold to the highest bidder, Alasdair Thornham who really has no idea why he bought her, only he felt the need to rescue her. Somehow through his opium induced haze, he recognizes that Mary needs to be taken care of and he seems to be the perfect man for the job. He will simple marry her and then she will have access to his home and funds and he can go off and let the opium to its job, rid him of all his painful fami

  5. Available now!

    Hero of My Heart starts with Mary on the auction block. She’s been drugged by her half brother who is now selling her virtue to the highest bidder. Fortunately for Mary, that happens to be Alasdair Thornham, Marquess of Datchworth. He’s got issues, but he’s an honorable man and when he realizes that Mary is drugged, he buys her. Later he realizes that she’s a good woman, the daughter of a vicar and she doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.

    Alasdair has his own issues. He’s addict

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