5 thoughts on “Hello! Is That Grandma?

  1. Clearly written before speed-dial! How could the boy mess up his Grandma’s phone number that many times?! Plus, he was clearly on Grandma’s B-list for invites…otherwise, she’d have invited him to her party more than 10 minutes before it started.

    Cute story, though.

  2. This one is fairly cute. But the ending is a little weird. For my hello/goodbye storytime theme I don’t think I’ll read the last couple pages.
    But I might include the “don’t use your phone at the table” bit in the future the next time I do a manners storytime.

  3. A contemporary grandma tale that has a sweet take on how much babies and toddlers love the phone. Cute illustrations and a nice rhythm to the text. I especially like the message at the end – talking on your phone at the table is very rude (it’s not too early to emphasize this if cellphone etiquette in the library is any indication).

  4. I like the concept of this book but I feel that so much more could have been done to make the lift the flap parts more engaging. A clue as to what would be under the flap would draw the children into the story more and allow the reader to ask the child questions and point to clues about what the hidden animal is.

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