5 thoughts on “Heart Song (Logan, #2)

  1. So far, this book is as good as “Melody.” I can’t even remember where one finished and this one began.

    We pick up in the summer, Melody and Cary are out of school for the summer. Melody takes a job with artist Kenneth, who she believes may be her bio Dad. This book shows the growth of the character of Melody. She becomes very independent, headstrong and determined to find out all the secrets that her now deceased mother took to her grave. Who is her father? Througout the book there are hints of a

  2. Kissing cousins. So old! I’ve heard this theme before. Ruby and Flowers in the Attic had a similar theme. However, those were much better than this series. The Flowers series seemed fresh, and the Ruby series was incredible. However, I could not see the characters in the Logan series. This was too generic, I couldn’t understand how someone could fall in love with their own sister. Then, years later, after her death, fall in love with another blood relative. There are hundreds of kids at school o

  3. Heart Song by V. C. Andrews is the second book of the Melody series which I am enjoying. This second book is about Melody’s search for her natural father, her romance with Cary, modeling for Kenneth and meeting her real grandmother that does not sit well with Olivia. Melody learns more family secrets and stands up to Olivia. It has a shocking ending that left me hanging, eager to read the next book of the series.

    This series sort of reminds of Belva Plain’s family sagas. There is a lot of intera

  4. In the second installment Melody learns a lot more about herself from a surprising source, she finds out she has a grandmother in a home but no one ever goes to see her as she is very confused and medicated but Melody sees there is a lot of truth in her ramblings and so begins the next part of Melody’s search.
    Along the way we see unexpected twists and turns in the lies her family have told her and she finds out shocking revelations that rock her world to the core.
    How can she ever sift out the tr

  5. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This second book of the Logan series got off to a slow start but it picks up eventually. Melody is living with her “aunt” Sara, “uncle” Jacob, and their children, Cary and May. Sara starts to work for a local artist, Kenneth, for the summer. A romance with Cary becomes more serious. More information about Melody’s family is revealed. Her real grandmother is actually Belinda, sister of “grandma” Olivia. Melody visits her in a nursing home, and even though she is highly medicated, talks about even

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