5 thoughts on “Haunting Obsession

  1. 3 1/2 Stars

    Daryl has an obsession with long dead film star Marilyn Monroe (called Maxine Marie in this here fable). He’s a total geek but is fortunate to have Loretta, his real-life, flesh and blood girlfriend, who loves him and tolerates his fixation on Maxine. But when he decides to buy a spendy piece of Maxine memorabilia rather than buy her a birthday present, she stomps off in a huff. Well, wouldn’t you?

    So Daryl heads home with his new present to himself and puts on a Maxine film to while a

  2. #1 issue-Creepy ghost sex that was anything but sexy. I cringed at the thought and then it got evil-ish.
    #2 issue- The female MC was a bit of a spoiled princess brat.
    #3 silly story
    Not cozy, not scary, not fun, and not interesting.

  3. Paranormal romance really isn’t my thing. So for what it was, a perfectly adequate read, nothing special. A man obsessed with a dead Marilyn Monroesque (very much so) celebrity manages to bring her back to life when he acquires a unique piece of memorabilia. His girlfriend and a paranormal leather trench coat wearing (yes, seriously) female kickass special agent must save the day. Apparently, the paranormal investigator is a recurring character for the author. Predictable, decently written, chee

  4. I received a free copy of this book for review.

    Wow, this book is definitely creepy-licious! Daryl is you’re typical computer geek who just happens to be obsessed with Maxine Marie, who is obviously based on Marilyn Monroe. Daryl soon finds himself in trouble with his long time girlfriend Loretta after he buys a piece of Maxine Marie memorabilia instead of her birthday present. Soon after the purchase, and subsequent fight with Loretta, Daryl is confronted with the ghost of Maxine Marie who seems

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