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  1. Hard Ride is about how Nick, a 37-seven-year old man meets Sam, a vivacious and fun young guy.

    I usually have no problem with age gap, but Nick felt and behaved about sixty not the thirty-seven he actually was.
    Actually the thought of being seen out with Sam was less than appealing. Nick knew the looks they’d get. Sam and his sugar daddy out on the town. Nick sighed…
    I didn’t get what Sam saw in him, and where the romance came from.
    … his dream. A BMW E30 M3. Diamond Black. Thirty-grand worth of

  2. 2.51 stars
    I liked some parts of the story, the fact that it was mostly sex was its downfall, way too short for heart to heart chats or sharing together. I was seriously glad that the lube which was being considered was discarded, icky for a moment there. Also Sam’s surprise birthday present for Nick, not a good idea it wouldn’t be something I would ever spring on my lover, especially not in a crowded place. Good intentions and naive belief in happy wont always fix things. Overall an enjoyable an

  3. Well I have to say what a little cracker this short was. Written as part of the Love Is Always Write series of anthologies I have to say this was one of my favourites! First of all there’s a really sweet romance brewing between sassy twink Sam and older divorcee Nick who is feeling the onset of maturity after losing his family because of his finally admitting to being gay. They meet because Sam runs his motorbike into Nicks car and from then on Sam bounces his larger than life self into Nicks li

  4. I’ve been noticing that I seem to have a different preference for the LiAW stories compared to the other reviewers. The stories that I love, a lot of other people rate lower, and the stories others rave about, I rate lower. It’s very interesting.

    For instance this story. I loved it. I loved the fast tempo of the writing and the interaction of the characters and didn’t have any trouble with how the story didn’t give much detail into the divorce and the daughter situation. That wasn’t the point of

  5. They meet. They fuck. No build up or tension or getting to know the characters. At this point they both just seem like slurs.

    Skip two weeks with no contact between sluts. A quick phone call and they are meeting for sex, again. Have sex, treats him like a whore. Nothing else at all has happened besides some boring inner dialogue of the old and bitter Mc.

    Two more weeks of just sex hook ups. Know little about bitter old queen just random unexplained details dropped. Know nothing about twink except

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