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  1. I’ve often looked at landscape paintings and wondered what was just over the horizon. Or who was living in the cabin. Or what life was like in the scene.

    Mac McConnell has a gift for creating this feeling in story form.

    Haddad is the third book in McConnell’s Cradle to the Cross trilogy. In the previous two, we followed a young shepherd through the Gospel time line and then Joseph himself. In Haddad, we look at what it might have been like for the innkeeper who provided the famous manger.

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  2. Once again McConnell transports us to biblical times during the Holiday Season. Hadad – an innkeeper – no actually a barkeep – opens the door to unexpected guests – and as we all know he “Had no room” Mac brings his characters to life in such a way we identify them with people in our lives. I loved the ending Mac – but I’m not spoiling if for others.
    Blessings on your work
    Jodee Kulp

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