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  1. I give up. There’s just something about these books. I like them. They’re fun. Sure, they drive me crazy with the sappy relationship between Geary and Desjani and other assorted problems. But, at the end of the day, I just keep reading them. Some authors have a knack for stringing readers along, and Campbell falls firmly in that category. I just keep reading these books because there is something just over the horizon that I want to see. And then, after that, there’s the next horizon.

    I won’t dwe

  2. I’ve enjoyed the Lost Fleet, and spinoff, series so far. Guardian specifically was decent. It was a little slow to begin, the first couple chapters rehashed so much information they may as well have said, “In our last episode…”

    I think the governments in these series are becoming a bit too clichéd. Both the syndics and alliance. The various plots, schemes, and double-deals are going a bit overboard. They’re, well, dumb. Some of the politicians may have risen to power without being too bright, b

  3. This book is far less military science-fiction than the other books in the series. Instead, this is more a science-fiction book with a few military battles. In the last section of the book, it’s quite reminiscent of a Larry Niven book such as The Mote in God’s Eye. As always, Christian Rummel does an excellent job with the narration and he’s become the voices of the characters for me.

    Overall, I’ve enjoyed the Beyond the Frontier continuation of the Lost Fleet series far more than the original bo

  4. About a year ago when I had read the previous book in the Beyond The Frontier series by Jack Campbell I was a little bit disappointed. I thought that the author didn’t really have any new ideas but just got bogged down more and more in (bad) politics, deceit and backstabbing a’la cheap soap opera. Sadly enough I feel that this book is pretty much more of the same.

    The parts of the book where Geary and his fleet is trying to get back home with the captured alien ship, not to mention the live alien

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