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  1. China’s Ability to Innovate

    Is China finally beginning to become an innovator?

    For quite some time, the leaders of China have felt that China’s last challenge for completing its modernization would be judged by the country’s industries’ ability to be global innovators. This book recorded the history and events behind Microsoft’s efforts to be the one of the first multinationals to tap into China’s best of the best researchers, so that Microsoft could win in China and globally.

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  2. I can’t help but think after finishing the book that something was missing – a critical note perhaps? This nagging feeling may be due to the fact the book describes the situation in China as it was in 2005, with Google just entering the market. It’s now 2015, Microsoft lost the search war (“what is Bing?”), both companies are still juggernauts, Kai-Fu Lee left Google too. Still, it would be fascinating to see what is currently happening in the China labs.

  3. I read this book in November 2014. The book was originally published 8 years back, so reading the book is like seeing whether the ‘plan to win the road ahead’ succeeded for Microsoft. So 8 years later, I am in the opinion that Microsoft lost the road ahead. To Google.

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  4. Between all the books about doing business in China, this must be one of the worst. Stylistically, it’s closest to a school trip report. I got about 100 pages into it, but it was just unreadable, had to give up.

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