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  1. There are eight chapters in the book. Each chapter is a different negotiation starting with Franklin at the French Court in 1718 and ending with The Reykjavik Summit in 1986. Each chapter stands along and is very well researched. I was familiar with all but one chapter. That one is The Portsmouth Treaty, 1905. This is a treaty Teddy Roosevelt negotiated between Russia and Japan. This is the first chapter I read.

    Here is how Chapter 4 begins.

    The Portsmouth Treaty, 1905.

    “With the balance of power

  2. I preface my comments with an explanation of my four-star rating. Ordinarily, the only books I give four- and five-star ratings are those that absorb me, that are unputdownable. GREAT NEGOTIATIONS by Fredrick Stanton is not that. Rather, I give it four stars for what it is, not an absorbing story but important stories that make up a history book.

    These eight stories span the time of colonial America to the Cold War, and each shows how words, negotiations, changed the world. It is not a book I wo

  3. A great book that goes into good detail about several negotiations. Stanton goes through the individuals who were involved and the importance of their actions.

    This book has great insights on how the diplomatic process is conducted.

    Furthermore, it is easy to read and quite enjoyable as well.

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