2 thoughts on “Great America

  1. Is McManus even a poet? The answer is yes
    and there are a few actual poems in this collection,

    but not many. The actual poems are the best bits,
    though I am not overwhelmed by them. One of his

    tricks is to write little prose pieces, often rambling
    and always unprofound, that the then chops into something

    that look like verse on the page, and I am doing with
    this review. I hope my doing so make the point

    that layout alone does not make a poem, for this
    is certainly not a poem. Walt Whitman was a trul

  2. James McManus writes a vision of America projected with wit that sees true and language that defines as it rivets our attention. Here is the cultural cornucopia of America spilled on the page. The long poem of the title presents the people who make up America, brief snapshots of those tiny voices who are the ingredients of our temper. I admire the verbal bravado able to capture the edges of towns where chain link meets the tired countryside, able to see the empty light in a stripper’s eyes, able

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