5 thoughts on “Gracie, The Lighthouse Cat

  1. 2.5 stars, with a bump because of the art. I grabbed this off the library shelf because I thought I recognized the illustrating style – sure enough it was by Ruth Brown, who did The Christmas Day Kitten, one of my childhood favorites.

    This book is…rather short and slightly disappointing. The art is realistic and the backgrounds quite detailed. The story of a mother cat and her lost kitten is told in text and in the foreground, while the true-life rescue of shipwrecked passengers off the coast t

  2. 4.5 – Wow. This is just the kind of children’s book I like to find. A story that actually makes you think – and more important, makes your son or daughter think.
    Julia goes back and forth with a story that’s based on real life events. Sometimes she’s very interested and something she could care less. There doesn’t seem to be any method to it so maybe it’s just a mood thing. Not sure yet whatever it is.
    But this she was interested. Interested enough that we’re going to do some more digging into t

  3. 5 star
    This was an absolutely wonderful book! The actual text tells a simple story about Gracie and her kitten. Her kitten getting lost in the storm and Gracie resuing him. Illustrations are BEUTIFUL as well… BUT also the illustrations tell another story one that is TRUE story about a little girl rescuing people from a ship wreck in 1838 saving 13 people from a boat in trouble on the rocks. When I checked this story out I didn’t realize it was a true story so I will be looking for more books ab

  4. This book is the retelling of a true story of a lighthouse family rescuing a group of people stranded on the rocks. The family’s cat notices her kitten is missing and searches for him. This book has a good selection of tier 2 words such as desperate, frantic, cellar, parlor, saucer, etc. I would use this book to talk discuss safety and importance of following directions and not wondering off (esp. for field trips and even at home with parents/guardians). Grades K-2.

  5. One stormy night Grace Darling, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, spots a ship in trouble on the rocks. At the same time the lighthouse cat Gracie spots that a kitten from her new litter has strayed. Grace and Gracie both hurry to the rescue, braving the rain and storm. Grace alerts her father and together they take out the lifeboat; Gracie ventures into the dark night and howling wind looking and listening everywhere for her kitten.

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