3 thoughts on “Gracie and her Doms

  1. Gracie ~ assistant extraordinaire to divorce attorneys Malcolm and Matthew, knows that “her boys” are both Doms in a local BDSM dungeon and she would like nothing more than to be the woman they share and the woman they love. What she doesn’t know is that Mal and Matt actually love her and want to make her theirs, but they’ve kept their hands off for fear of losing her.

    When Gracie shows up at Newbie Night when they just happen to be dungeon monitors, all bets are off, as Matt and Mal are finally

  2. I loved the dynamics of this group! All have literally loved each other for eons but don’t want to change their friendships. A chance encounter tips the scales and all have to deal with their feelings towards each other. Can they work together or even live together? Quick short read!

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