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  1. Book Title: “Grab Bag”
    Author: Derek McCormack
    Published By: Little House on the Bowery/Akashic Books
    Age Recommended: 18+
    Reviewed By: Kitty Bullard
    Raven Rating: 5

    Review: Yet another interesting and intriguing read from one of the authors at Akashic Books. “Grab Bag” was exactly what it promised to be, one short story and a ‘grab bag’ of various tales that ranged from humorous to somewhat macabre. These stories are sure to have you asking…. “Why?” “What the heck?” and “Seriously?” Still you can’t h

  2. How much do I love this book? I have it autographed by Derek McComrack. A painfully short collection of that center mainly around Halloween. The stories tend to be have an unsettling no-frills Middle America (or Canadian) tone mixed with medical accidents, pervert bakers, dangerous childhoods. The best explanation I can give (not very good) is a combination of Raymond Carver and John Waters.

  3. Gerry B’s Book Review – http://www.gerrycan.wordpress.com

    As Halloween approaches I looked around for something along this line, and quite by accident I found Derek McCormack’s Grab Bag [Akashic Books, 2004], edited by Dennis Cooper, which expanded my knowledge of Canadian writers (always a happy occurrence!)

    Derek McCormack is one of those treasures that Canada and the Canadian literati keep hidden under a bushel. It is probably due to the GBLT content of his works, which, as a genre, has yet to

  4. Grab Bag brings together two of Canadian cult favorite Derek McCormack’s short novels. (I get the impression that all of McCormack’s novels are short, something I heartily support.)

    In Dark Rides a gay teenager growing up a farm boy in 1950’s Canada has the occasional sexual encounter and suffers the kinds of bullying and abuse you might expect. There is even the old standby of the piss-filled urinal head dunk. Much more severe and shocking is the negative reinforcement therapy (read: torture) he

  5. Half of this is DARK RIDES, so if you can’t find it any other way, then get this book. The other half shares a lot of my own obsessions — circus, sideshow, carny hucksterism, vintage comics — but ultimately is an addled mess.

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