2 thoughts on “Got an Angry Kid? Parenting Spike

  1. Rivalry in families causes stress and breakdown. When a parent loses control of a child and a child is angry and unresponsive, parents get desperate and things get out of hand. Is there a solution?

    Dr. Andrew D. Gibson definitely thinks there is an effective one and he’s written a book about it. Got An Angry Kid is a self-help 28-step PACT (Parenting Angry Children and Teens) parent survival program. Out of everything I have seen in this field, this is one of the best behavior management programs

  2. “Got An Angry Kid? We have a solution. Parenting Spike: A Seriously Difficult Child” by Andrew D. Gibson, Ph.D., is a book that outlines P.A.C.T. – The Parenting Angry Children and Teens Training Program. This book is for parents of a child who is in a constant state of anger and the parents feel like they are fighting a losing battle and losing control of their child. Dr. Gibson came up with P.A.C.T. when he was dealing with a son who had anger issues. He can definitely relate to how parents ar

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