4 thoughts on “Gold Rush Fever

  1. Reason for Reading: Read aloud to my 9yo as part of our history curriculum.

    As others from this series of like books from Greenwood and Collins an historical fiction tale is interspersed with non-fiction sections that expound upon information presented within the fictional story. While other books contained crafts in the non-fiction sections this book can’t really be said to have crafts, there are a couple of experiments, a card game, a recipe and recommended reading instead.

    Another difference is

  2. I may have been humming the Klondike bar song the whole time I read this book on the shinkansen to Tokyo. Looking for books on Canadian history to share with my former school in Japan, I found this gem for a buck at the library store. The story of siblings seeking gold unfolds through journal entries interspersed with diagrams, maps, and historical facts about the gold rush and the equipment needed to move out and survive in the cold, mountainous Klondike. I enjoyed the combination of fiction an

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