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  1. I really loved this. It’s a thoughtful, interesting, wide-ranging consideration of what Buddhism and meditation means and why they might be important to people today. It’s all too easy for these topics to get either sidelined into MindBodySpirit crystal-dangling weirdness or overcome by esoteric and impenetrable writing. Conradi manages to talk about the topic in an open and interesting way without belittling it. The Iris Murdoch angle added some fascinating extra dimensions to it. Murdoch is a

  2. This is a gem of a book.

    It contains a personal account of how Peter J Conradi (who was Iris Murdoch’s biographer) found Buddhism. If you are at all interested in Buddhist thought, you’ll enjoy its simplicity.

    Three quotes will suffice to bring the message to life:

    “Fear is said to be the messenger telling one to ‘wake up’: to panic is to mistake fear for the message itself.”

    “Instead of saying ‘Don’t just sit there, do something,’ we should say the opposite: ‘Don’t just do something: sit there.’”

  3. apart from never realising before iris Murdoch was a Buddhist and now i want to re read her books i didnt find this book very engaging,but kept at it as a friend who i respect reccommended it….was a relief to finish now i can read something else! sorry!

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