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  1. Learned.

    The Book Gives Principles and Six Laws of alchemy.

    Principles of Economic Alchemy:-

    1. Wealth is proportional to Technological Advancement
    2. Technological progress depends on ability to grasp info
    3. Economic growth is predicted by technologies-yet to be implemented.

    and six laws which are rephrasing of above 3.

    Alchemic = Excess (Unlimited!)

    Modern retailing = distribution + education.
    Retailers specializing in consumer education can seriously challenge those experts in distribution. Teach con

  2. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. My notes and quotes:

    Pilzer primarily describes his theory of economic alchemy. Describes how Abraham developed first property laws and customs. Argues that God wants all people to be fulfilled and prosperous. Also argues that technology has and will continue to answer all problems that people predict will lead to economic ruin. Explains that overall economic growth has increased for most of the century and will continue to increase as long as more productive methods are developed. Most economic

  3. First of all, I’ve recently come to notice that in the Bible there’s not very much direct application to our 21st century issues of technological development, or what to make of the time given back from the distribution of labor in urban areas. This lack of knowledge prompted me to pick up this book, hoping to find some new commentaries on passages from the gospels or even recovering intent from Old Testament principles.

    The main thrust of Pilzer does address the phenomenon we’re currently experi

  4. The book basically takes you through the history of the US economy and economic thinking at various stages through our history. Mr. Pilzer points out that consumers never become satisfied as was predicted in the 30’s and 40’s.

    Advancing technology always stays one step ahead of man and provides him with new and improved products which may be considered a luxury at first but will quickly become a necessity in our ever changing society.

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