3 thoughts on “God’s Will Is Always Healing

  1. I was inspired, I was challenged, and I felt safe when reading this book. You might ask yourself what I mean by safe. Well, the author took care of me as a reader. There was no judgement or condemnation, but instead love and encouragement. Several things stood out as the theme of this book.
    1. God is good
    2. Not everything that happens is God’s will or His fault
    3. As a believer, we have the authority of Jesus and God wants us to pull heaven to earth (literally)

    Joshua Greeson will share his heart,

  2. This book was so much more than I thought it would be when I first started to read it. It was recommended by C. Blake during a DHT teaching that I was listening to and he recommended it so highly that I wrote down the author’s name and title.

    It not only answered a lot of questions I had always had about divine healing, but put some clarity to many “sacred cows” that I had been believing for a very long time even though they didn’t make sense to me.

    Sometimes I had to stop reading this book and

  3. Coming from a Charismatic / Pentecostal background, I love books that speak the simple Truth of Scripture. This book’s primary focus deals with the will of God and the amazing Truth in Scripture that it is ALWAYS God’s will to heal. The book crushes most, perhaps all, of the theological barriers that the non-believing world (mostly Christians) have used as a basis to support their wild ideas that supernatural healing is not for today; Or that God sometimes heals and sometimes doesn’t; Or that Go

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